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  •  Site Data

            sample_results  January 2016 Sample Results  

    •    Water Quality Data
              Public Water Supply Well
              Water Quality District Well
              Woessner Study Well
    •      gwic_wells  GWIC Well  

           stormdrains  Storm Drain  

           mar_2007_gwcon  March 1997 Groundwater Contours  

           apr_2007_gwcon  April 2007 Groundwater Contours  

           may_2007_gwcon  May 1997 Groundwater Contours  

           june_2007_gwcon  June 2007 Groundwater Contours  

           potential_sample_locs  Potential Sample Locations  

           septic_inventory_visited_address  Septic Visited Address  

           septic_inventory_seepage_pit  Septic Seepage Pit  

           septic_inventory_drainfield  Septic Drainfield  

           parcels  Parcels  

           district  Target Range District  

           missoulacl  Missoula City Limit  

  •  Background Maps

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  • 2.) Identify a map feature by clicking on a layers radio button (round button). Only one layer can be active at a time. Once a layer is active (has its radio button checked) ensure the 'hand' tool is active on the map tool bar then click on a feature in that layer on the map to retun information. Not all layers have an identify function.
  • 3.) Close the legend by clicking on the 'map layers' tab.